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NEW! - Fastest stabilization time for analytical weighing

Wednesday, 28.02.2024. - 11:00

The Sartorius Group recently introduced the new Cubis® II semi-micro balance, which has proven to be the perfect addition to the Cubis® II range of premium laboratory balances. Designed for a wide range of weighing applications, this balance is an indispensable instrument for everyday use, offering impressive speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Key features:

  • fastest stabilization time in its class for analytical weighing - results in under 2 seconds
  • the small minimum sample weight of 4.1 mg sets new standards for semi-micro balances
  • the innovative QApp cleaning application and tool-free assembly simplify compliance and routine maintenance
  • advanced ionizing technology eliminates static electricity, optimizing accuracy

The Cubis II® semi-micro balance sets new standards in laboratory weighing

In addition to the new Cubis® II high-capacity micro balance that was introduced last year, the Sartorius range also includes a semi-micro balance from the same line, which provides the highest level of precision for everyday weighing tasks. Equipped with five-digit readability and a 220 g capacity, the balance integrates state-of-the-art weighing technology and a low minimum sample weight of 4.1mg (or 8.2 mg for some models), surpassing typical weighing requirements. In addition, an industry-leading stabilization time of less than 2 seconds significantly increases efficiency in the field.

Automatic compensation for changes in the environment, such as temperature, humidity, draft and air pressure, ensures consistent performance in real-world conditions. Key to this achievement is innovative ionization technology that effectively neutralizes static electricity.

Recognizing the importance of cleanability, the new Cleaning QApp dramatically simplifies routine maintenance with clear instructions for users. Tool-free disassembly and reassembly of balance components further facilitate cleaning processes, enabling compliance with standard operating procedures.

The Cubis® II semi-micro balance is a game changer for laboratories looking for a balance that delivers excellence in everyday weighing tasks. With its fast stabilization time, low minimum sample weight and ease of cleaning, this balance is the right solution that adapts to the dynamic needs of modern laboratories.

Eszter Paldy, Manager of Product Management Premium Weighing Solutions

The new balance is fully equipped with the standard features of the Cubis® II family of laboratory balances, including modularity, compliance, connectivity and digital data management.

For more information, read the manufacturer's press release.