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Quintix® Pro: The new standard for laboratory balances

Monday, 22.04.2024. - 09:10

Meet the latest innovation from Sartorius - the Quintix® Pro laboratory balance, which sets new standards for laboratory weighing and meets the growing demands of modern laboratories. Quintix® Pro laboratory balances provide advanced performance with additional premium features.

  • A high-resolution, 7-inch touchscreen enhances the user experience and simplifies workflows
  • Customizable user roles and an extensive application portfolio enable seamless integration into diverse lab environments
  • Automatic, internal motorized leveling ensures the highest level of weighing accuracy
  • Energy-efficient operation modes and a digital user manual significantly reduce environmental impact

Key features of the Quintix® Pro laboratory balance

The key advantage of the Quintix® Pro balance lies in its outstanding user adaptability. The balance offers an intuitive 7-inch high-resolution touch screen that facilitates navigation and increases productivity. The combination of sophisticated design and premium features ensures a user experience that exceeds all expectations with consistently accurate results. In addition, the Quintix® Pro laboratory balance is an excellent alternative to the Cubis® II laboratory balance, thanks to its advanced functionalities.

Quintix® Pro stands out for its flexibility – with 15 application programs and a wide selection of languages, it becomes a universal weighing tool adapted to different work processes. Advanced user management tools enable adaptation to individual user needs.

At the same time, high-quality, durable housing materials facilitate compliance with strict cleaning protocols.

Environmental sustainability as a major aspect of weighing

Let's mention sustainability as the main sign of Sartorius' commitment to environmental responsibility. Quintix® Pro comes with a range of eco-conscious features, including:

  • energy saving possibilities
  • automatic dimming
  • automatic start timer
  • a digital user manual that provides instant access to important information while reducing the need for paper consumption.

Quintix® Pro will enhance your user experience by integrating all the most important features reserved for premium balance models, setting a new standard in laboratory weighing. Quintix® Pro laboratory balances deliver the performance you need, with additional premium features that set new standards in usability, flexibility and environmentally conscious design.

For more information, please read the official notification from the manufacturer.