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Cubis® II micro balance: New technology for your analytical laboratory

Friday, 14.07.2023. - 14:00

Exactly 4 years after the launch of the first revolutionary Cubis® II models of premium balances, Sartorius presented a new line of high-capacity micro balances for scientists working in analytical laboratories. These laboratory balances solve the fundamental challenges in laboratory weighing by providing users with superior adaptability to environmental conditions, simple and intuitive cleaning work processes and flexible hardware upgrades.

Innovation in every aspect

The Cubis® II laboratory balance is a high-capacity micro balance that contains innovative design elements for stable and reliable performance throughout the weighing range. Additionally, specially designed sample holders are available to enable ergonomic sample weighing in workflows where the use of standard pans is not feasible. Key features of the Cubis® family are also included: modularity, compatibility, connectivity and digital data management via on-site ELN/LIMS connectivity.

Focus on environmental conditions in the laboratory

Environmental conditions are often one of the main sources of inconsistency in laboratory measurements. The Cubis® II micro laboratory balance uses innovative lab weighing technology, including a next-generation monolithic weighing system (Sartorius invention), to enable faster weighing results, improved specifications and rapid adaptation to changing environmental factors. Built-in intelligent compensation systems automatically manage changes in temperature, humidity and air pressure to further ensure stability and precision of measurements in every laboratory.

  • 4th generation monolithic weighing system enables faster stabilization time and improves specifications
  • built-in intelligent adaptive systems manage temperature, humidity and changes in air pressure, which ensures stable behavior of the balance
  • thanks to the new ionizing technology and the optimal position of the four ionizing nozzles, the complete removal of static electricity and a quick stabilization time are guaranteed

Guided cleaning of the balance in few steps

The cleaning process with the Cubis® II micro balance has never been easier. The balances are easily disassembled without the use of tools and are made of durable, chemical-resistant components. Thanks to the new Cleaning QApp software application, the cleaning process can be easily managed and is now part of compliance. In addition, the Pharma Package includes all technical controls to support compliance with applicable regulations without the need for additional software.

  • intuitive guidance with the QApp cleaning app ensures error-free cleaning
  • documenting cleaning procedures helps integrate cleaning into SOPs
  • a cleaning set is part of every order

Multiple hardware and software upgrade options

A unique feature of the Cubis® II high-capacity micro balance is the option that allows users to add not only software but also hardware features to their existing unit after purchase. It is also possible to upgrade the motorized draft shield and ionizer to the Cubis® II MCA version. The ability to add features, such as a climate module, provides a new level of flexibility for laboratory balances, as well as investment security.

  • upgradable ionizer and automated external draft shield
  • an automated inner draft shield is available immediately after purchase


In short, the Cubis® II high-capacity microbalance represents an extremely reliable and adaptable solution for analytical laboratories. With high performance, innovative design and upgrade options, Cubis® II provides users with superior precision and flexibility in operation. A simple cleaning process, support for environmental factors and the possibility of upgrading make Cubis® II the ideal choice for laboratories that want to achieve top results, improve productivity and be prepared for future challenges.

If Cubis® II seems like the optimal solution for your laboratory, find more information about the device or send us an inquiry.