Scope of business

Scope of business - Sartorius Croatia

Our innovative and high-tech instruments, consumables and services for the biopharmaceutical and food industry and the academic sector, are the result of our efforts to respond to the growing demands for improved quality, efficiency and compliance with legal regulations. We enable maximum simplification of daily work with products that are fully adapted to the needs of research laboratories and the requirements of bioprocesses. From consumables, products for research and development, quality control and biopharmaceutical production, to our own software solutions and calibration laboratory services, our sophisticated solutions are a measure of quality in the field of science.

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment (consumables, accessories and services) in our range is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, as well as numerous academic research institutions. Our solutions for weighing, filtration, liquid handling, and microbiological control provide reliable and efficient analyzes and results, enabling accelerated scientific progress. Find out more

Bioprocess Technology

Our bioprocess technology combines solutions for filtration, fermentation, cell culture, membrane chromatography and fluid management, as well as process control and data analysis. With "single-use" solutions, innovative software solutions and sensors for monitoring and development of the entire process, we achieve optimization of production and preliminary steps in process development. Find out more


As your partner in the development of science, we offer a full range of services from classic service, repairs, calibration to installation, IQ / OQ qualification and preventive maintenance to ensure you constant productivity and functionality of the device. Our service technicians provide you with technical guidance and support if a problem with your instrument appears. Find out more

Calibration Laboratory

In our accredited laboratory, we perform calibration services of measuring instruments according to the European standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017. We calibrate balances, weights and pipettes, and perform legal certification of balances and weights. We accompanied all procedures, documentation and equipment management with state-of-the-art equipment and our innovative myScal® software. Find out more