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Investing in wineries: Overview of products for quality control and filtration of wine

Wednesday, 17.03.2021. - 13:00

Are you an entrepreneur and operating in the field of wine production sector? Do you have your own winery and would you like to invest in higher quality and production efficiency and invest additional funds in marketing and reduce production costs? If you are thinking of equipping your winery and would like to improve quality of wine production, we bring you an overview of our equipment that can help you optimize your production process, among which we highlight quality control and filtration products.

Numerous changes in demographics have led to increased demands in the regulatory environment - the quality wine industry faces major challenges as consumers and legislation require ever-increasing levels of safety and quality control. The highest quality in the entire process from production to the final product is imperative, and can be achieved by investing in quality equipment that will improve your routine wine production business, while ensuring the long-term profitability of the business.

Wine quality control

Despite the existence of a hazard analysis system and critical control points (HACCP), contamination can still occur at different stages of your wine production. Major wine contaminants include microbes: LactobacillusOenococcusPediococcusAcetobacter, yeasts and molds, which can affect the taste and smell of your wine and damage your reputation and brand. To quickly, efficiently and effectively detect potential spoilage caused by microorganisms in your wine production, we offer you simple products and solutions to help you detect them early enough to prevent defective wine from reaching your customers.

Microsart® Manifold filtration systems

The Microsart® Manifold filtration system is used for microbiological control of liquids using a membrane filtration method to detect wine contamination. The system promotes efficient quantification of microorganisms and colony counting and ensures easy handling and convenience when filtering a sample simultaneously.

Nutrient Pad Sets

NPS hranjive podloge još su jedan vrlo važan proizvod za kontrolu kvalitete vina. Ovo su sterilni i dehirirani mediji koji se već dugi niz godina koriste u kontroli kvalitete vina i drugih pića. Praktične su, jednostavne za rukovanje i pojednostavljuju postupke mikrobiološkog ispitivanja.

Innovative Filtration Solutions

Ensure first-class wine quality by using our high-quality filter housings, which will ensure the organoleptic properties of the wine and microbiological safety. Sartorius filtration plants are designed to meet the needs of your customers and provide a filtration systems tailored to your needs. Using the system is very simple, with intuitive piping and manual valves. The plants come in manual and standard versions, with the possibility of upgrading with additional options, such as automatic sterilization control, final membrane integrity tests and reuse of sterilization water.

In our rich portfolio of products for wine production, you can find:

  • filtration consumables (filter cartridges, filter papers and filtration modules)
  • automated filter integrity testing devices
  • filtration systems (manual and automated filtration plants, CIP systems for sterilization and purification).

Jumbo Star filtration system for clarifying wine before sterile filtration

Manual systems for clarification and retention of microorganisms

If you want to find out more or consult about our solutions, take a look at some of our brochures or contact us directly!

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Download a brochure on wine filtration systems