Nutrient Pad Sets - Sartorius Croatia
Nutrient Pad Sets - Sartorius Croatia
Nutrient Pad Sets - Sartorius Croatia
Nutrient Pad Sets - Sartorius Croatia
Nutrient Pad Sets - Sartorius Croatia
Nutrient Pad Sets - Sartorius Croatia

Nutrient Pad Sets

Nutrient pad sets (NPS) dehydrated nutrient media in petri dishes, pre-sterilized and allow use together with appropriate membrane filters for economical and microbiological quality control in a short time. The substrates are ready to use and ensure high and repeatable results for up to 24 months.
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Sartorius Nutrient Pad sets have been used successfully in the membrane filtration method for over 30 years. Nutrient Pad kits are practical and easy to handle and simplify many microbiological testing procedures. Microorganisms need the appropriate culture medium for optimal growth. Nutrient medium sets are sterile and dehydrated. After moistening with 3.0-3.5 ml of sterile and demineralized (or pure) water, they are immediately ready for use.

The standard NPS box contains 100 sterile nutrient media, each of which is individually placed in a petri dish and sterilized. Each of the petri dishes is enclosed in an aluminum bag. This special packaging in bags protects the sensitive ingredients of the nutrient medium formula during transport and storage from fluctuations in humidity and temperature. As a result, it guarantees high quality throughout their duration of up to 24 months.

Compliance with international standards

Sartorius currently offers more than 30 different types of nutrient media to meet the different needs of microbiological analysis. In addition to the European Drinking Water Directive, they comply with other international regulations and recommendations: international pharmacopoeias, DIN and ISO standards, American water and food standards, mineral water regulations, brewing guidelines such as MEBAC or EBC and food industry recommendations, such as LMBG, NCA and ICUMSA, etc.

All types of nutrient media are supplied with appropriate membrane filters, which are also packaged individually. Nutrient Set kits are also available with Microsart® e.motion membrane filters specifically designed for the Microsart® e.motion dispenser. Membrane filters are automatically removed from sterile packaging. All membrane filters, adapted to special microbial detection requirements, are available with a diameter of 47 or 50 mm.


  • packaging allows a shelf life of up to 24 months
  • in accordance with international standards and references
  • validation guide available
  • very versatile and multiple application
  • economical - without long and laborious preparation of nutrient media (sterilization, cleaning, etc.)
  • easy handling - no comprehensive microbiological testing equipment required

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For all those who work in quality control in the production of beverages, the ideal choice are dehydrated nutrient media (Nutrient Pad Sets) to control the quality of your drinks and water samples.

See the application of Nutrient Pad Sets in beer production.

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User Manual: 14077 MRS Nutrient Pad Sets (N and RDN) Manuals NPS