More than 10 years of work in our calibration laboratory!

Thursday, 04.02.2021. - 13:15

Sartorius Croatia calibration laboratory celebrates 10 years of work! In these challenging years of work, we have invested valuable resources in our laboratory to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Many years of experience that we gained since 2010, when the calibration laboratory started operating, have enabled us to be recognized as a high-quality provider of calibration of scales, weights and pipettes.

The knowledge, experience, equipment and technology we use in our business have distinguished us in the market thanks to the methods and trends that follow modern requirements in the field of metrology. Some of the advantages we would single out are certainly the modern equipment we use every day when calibrating, our metrologists with many years of experience and the measurement software myScal® that we developed for the needs of our laboratory, with great potential for commercialization on the world market. Also, our calibration laboratory is accredited according to the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, according to which we have entered the 3rd consecutive five-year cycle of accreditation.

Quality comes first

We have ensured the quality of laboratory operations with fast service, which our customers have been evaluating as our main advantage for many years. We arrange calibration dates with you and approach each of your measuring instruments with special care. Our staff are highly educated and experienced metrologists who are always ready to consult with you, answer all your metrology questions and explain the calibration results.

Investing in high-tech equipment

Over the years, we have continuously invested in laboratory capacity and currently in the laboratory we have a multichannel balance for simultaneous calibration of multichannel pipettes, specialized pipette calibration systems, automatic weight calibration comparators, device for pure water production as pipette calibration medium, susceptometer, scales for determining the density of weights and sets of standard weights.

Own calibration software - myScal®

With all modern and high-quality equipment, we use myScal® software in our laboratory, which we have developed based on many years of experience in laboratory work. This software is not the only one of such achievements in our business, but it is the most important because its features have potential on a global scale. MyScal® has enabled us to optimize lab performance, increase service speed and reduce paperwork, along with a number of other benefits that the software provides to our customers (review of equipment and calibration and digital receipt of calibration certificates).

For more information about this metrology tool, visit the official website.

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