Temperature monitoring

Eupry system for monitoring environmental conditions: What are the benefits of using wireless data loggers for temperature?

Tuesday, 28.12.2021. - 14:00

In our market, we recently introduced a new system for monitoring environmental conditions - Eupry. For all those who are not yet familiar with this smart solution, Eupry is a wireless data logger that, compared to standard USB solutions, brings a number of benefits to users. The principle of its operation is based on the continuous sending of data to the web application via Wi-Fi network, where you can generate temperature reports of your refrigerator, freezer or storage space in real-time.

How do wireless data loggers for temperature work?

Wireless data loggers continuously measure (temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, etc.) and regularly send data to the server via Wi-Fi network, located locally or in the cloud. Measurement data is stored locally for a longer or shorter period of time and then sent to the server.

The main advantage of using wireless data loggers compared to USB loggers is that a wireless device can automatically transfer data without the need for physical handling. If temperature deviations occur, the wireless data logger immediately sends the data to the user, in the form of an SMS or e-mail alarm. This allows corrective action to be taken in a timely manner, thus reducing the risk of actual non-compliance.

FAQ: Wireless data loggers

Finding an adequate data recording solution can sometimes be challenging. If you are in doubt between a USB or Wi-Fi data logger, in our short guide we have prepared 10 basic questions and answers about the benefits of using wireless data loggers. You can download the guide in Croatian here.

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