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Arium® Smart Station: A compact unit for dispensing laboratory water

Tuesday, 19.07.2022. - 12:25

Ultrapure water is the basis for successful analyses. Nowadays, analytical methods are becoming more and more sensitive and susceptible to interference, therefore a consistently high water quality is a decisive factor in ensuring reproducibility of results and preventing lengthy repeat analyses. Below we present a solution for these laboratory needs - the Arium® Smart Station laboratory water dosing unit, which simplifies the use of pure and ultrapure water in the laboratory and enables dosing of the exact amount and quality of water for your experiments.

A water dispensing unit for a wide range of applications

Ultrapure water is an essential reagent in laboratories for a wide range of applications, including sample preparation for impurity testing and for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, to ensure reproducible results.

With the help of the innovative unit Arium® Smart Station for dispensing laboratory water, procedures for using water in the laboratory are much easier. The highly flexible dispenser allows you to dose the exact amount and quality of water for your experiments. In addition to saving laboratory space and maximizing its capabilities with its compact design, this economical device is an ideal solution for flexible dosing of pure and ultrapure water at the point of use. The ergonomic design supports left and right-handed operation and can easily be adapted to the needs of your application.

With the Arium® Smart Station, you can optimize the preparation of your samples and take direct access to all important dosing functions: manual or predefined quantities. Various dispensing functions offer precise dispensing from 2 L/min to a manually controlled drop-by-drop function (depending on the connected system). The system is easy to operate with the color touch screen, even when wearing lab gloves, and the icons on the screen intuitively guide you through the menu.

How can you reduce investment costs in the laboratory with the Arium® Smart Station?

The Arium® Smart Station smart unit can be combined with other systems to produce ultra-pure and pure water. The system can be connected to your existing Arium® water treatment system or 'bagtank'. It is possible to connect up to three smart stations to the water purification system at a distance of up to 4 m.

This means that you can have four different dosing points with one water treatment system. This not only saves costs but also optimizes the use of valuable laboratory space.

Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure - allows direct connection to Arium® Pro or Arium® Comfort supplying ultrapure Type 1 water

Arium® Smart Station Pure - allows direct connection to Bagtank supplying pure water

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