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Introducing Sartolab® RF | BT: New improved units for vacuum filtration of smaller volumes

Wednesday, 03.11.2021. - 12:00

The newly redesigned Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units offer greater capacity and stability to a broad range of samples. The larger membrane surface area allows optimal filtration and the use of a polyethersulfone membrane in a 0.45 µm pore size filter increases the flow rate with the same low protein binding properties.

Sartorius has launched a new redesigned Sartolab® RF | BT 150 - 1000 vacuum filtration units that provide faster filtration of higher capacity with greater physical stability for a wide range of sample types. Design changes include:

  • increasing the membrane surface area for optimal filtration
  • replacement of 0.45 µm cellulose acetate membrane with 0.45 µm polyethersulfone membrane to increase flow rate while maintaining the same low protein binding properties
  • optimized center of gravity to increase unit stability
  • direct application to Sartolab® Multistation for parallel filtration
We are excited to introduce our updated Sartolab® vacuum filtration units which build upon the benefits and ergonomic design of the original units. The redesign of these units exemplifies our commitment to engineer products that accelerate and streamline workflows, are user-friendly and are well-suited for the busy laboratory setting.

Catherine Leluan, Product Manager

Sartolab® RF Vacuum Filtration Units BTs are designed for research purposes and small volume filtration from 50 mL to 1 L. These filtration units offer the highest flow rates with a large filtration range, a low protein affinity membrane to reduce protein loss and optimized membrane support for low retention volume .

The Sartolab® BT design includes only a filter at the top of the bottle (filter funnel) without a flask, which allows users to use their own flasks and/or expand the filtration capacity, depending on the particle load of the filtered liquid, by filling more than one flask.

Sartolab® RF as a complete system includes a flask for receiving filtrate to the filtration funnel.

Sartolab ® RF | BT vacuum filtration units are available in three different pore sizes to meet most applications:

  • 0.1 μm for mycoplasma removal
  • 0.22 μm for sterile filtration of cell culture media, buffer and reagent
  • 0.45 µm for clarification of aqueous and viscous solutions

Sartolab ® RF | BT units are now being produced in a new plant designed to meet the growing market demand for vacuum filtration units. The plant is ISO 13485 certified and an ISO Class 8 cleanroom assures the highest level of sterility.

Read the official press release of the manufacturer here.