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MODDE® 13: A new version with new wizards to optimize your Design of Experiments

Wednesday, 03.03.2021. - 09:10

Sartorius Data Analytics has released a new version of the MODDE® 13 experiment design program. The new edition of the program enables even faster development and shorter time to market through superior experiment design.

Why is experiment design crucial in the (bio) pharmaceutical industry?

Design of Experiments (DOE) is a data analytics methodology for planning, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting results. This helps to determine which factors influence product quality, stability and other critical parameters. For pharmaceutical and biopharma companies, building quality into the products from an early stage is a key factor in regulatory approval and market success.

Rather than experimenting with one parameter at a time, DOE speeds up the process and helps you identify important interactions by changing and investigating multiple factors simultaneously. That's why Design of Experiments (DOE) is considered an essential tool for achieving regulatory compliance and faster time to market.

What's New in MODDE® 13?

  • Optimization Wizard makes it easy to define a design space and identify the best setpoint
  • New optimization objectives maximize process yield and minimize cost
  • Design wizard with interactive design selection recommends the best DOE for your needs
  • Easy access to most used functions in new properties panes
  • Process simulation using normal operating range enables informed decisions based on simulated future output

Program features

MODDE provides optimization by a guided Workflow Wizard that helps scientists and engineers intensify processes, reduce waste and optimize process output using a top-notch approach to mitigate risks. Together with the reworked Design Wizard and updated Analysis Wizard MODDE now provides complete guidance through your investigations from screening to optimization. The most frequently used function and customizations can now be accessed in the properties pane, making it easier than ever to run a successful DOE.

MODDE® and Ambr® can work in conjunction to increase customer value and improve business optimization. This set-up would ensure that products reach the market faster and at a reduced cost. Use MODDE to select the right media for your clones, maximize cell growth or optimize process yield during purification. MODDE 13 is equally fit for the development of analytical methods, including multivariate calibration for spectroscopy applications.

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