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myScal® software for pipette, balances and weights calibration

myScal® is a modular software solution designed for moderate laboratories and their users. It is used for complete management of laboratory equipment and calibration procedures of measuring instruments used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
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Modular laboratory software for calibration

Whether you are a small or large laboratory, the myScal® program adapts to the requirements of your calibration laboratory. The program is completely modular and leaves the user the option of single or multiple choice between:

  • balances calibration module
  • pipette calibration module
  • weight calibration module.

Equipment and calibration procedures management

In addition to calibrating balances, pipettes or weights in the myScal® software, it is also intended for complete management of laboratory equipment. In this way, users have a detailed insight into:

  • calibration plan for measuring devices (automated calibration reminders)
  • the equipment base of the calibration laboratory and its users
  • periodicals and chronological sequence of calibrations

Digital data transfer and electronic signatures

The calibration procedures and the exchange of documentation in the myScal® software have been completely digitized. Calibration certificates are generated in PDF format, with the aim to minimize the use of paper documentation. myScal® software solution enables complete digitalization and automation of calibration procedures - from electronic signing of calibration certificates and digital exchange with users of measuring equipment.

Statistics and reports

Various graphical representations provide a more detailed insight into equipment trends and calibration periodics. Data can be reported in the form of statistical reports, and real-time status updates and trends can be displayed for each instrument:

  • improves measurement reliability
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • offers the possibility of process optimization in terms of organization of time and maintenance costs.

Video content

Watch the webinar "New laboratory applications or how to improve the work in the metrology laboratory" held as part of the World Metrology Day conference in the organization of Croatia Metrology Society.

We developed myScal® software based on the experience of our calibration laboratory. Over the years, we have listened carefully to the requirements and needs of our customers, in order to create the ideal calibration tool for resource, time and costs optimization. See what our team members say about speeding up the calibration process, calibration planning and many more.

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