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Three key factors characterize our pipettes - ergonomics, innovative design and reliability. Sartorius pipettes and pipette tips take your pipetting to a whole new level, ensuring repeatable and reliable results. Because we understand the risks of repetitive pipetting movements, we place special focus on the ergonomics of our pipettes. You can use Sartorius pipettes and extensions in daily laboratory work, in a comfortable position and with minimal effort.

Choose the ideal pipette for your applications

Not sure if you need a single-channel or multi-channel, mechanical or electronic pipette? Choosing the right pipette and pipette tips for your application can sometimes be a challenging task for any user. In our short guide, we have prepared a brief overview of the most common questions and answers when making a decision to purchase a pipette.

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New revision of ISO 8655:2022 standard

ISO 8655 standard addresses the needs of pipette manufacturers and test houses. Also it gives good basis for end users to set up pipette quality control program. Ensuring the quality control of pipettes is of undeniable importance when it comes to safe and reliable results in laboratory processes and analyses. 

Read below an overview of the new changes and answers to the most important questions related to the new ISO 8655:2022 standard.