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SIMCA®-online | Statistical control and process monitoring

Monitor and control your food and beverage production process with SIMCA®-online. The functionality of this application allows you to see your process - whether it is running regularly or will soon go beyond the permitted limits before any deviations are visible to the plant operator. The software also helps you see and correct parameters that are out of reach, providing complete process control and predictive maintenance as an option.
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Continuous real-time quality control and assurance is highly desirable in biopharmaceutical production, and can be achieved with sophisticated process management strategies that use multivariate monitoring techniques to prevent or reduce the risk of producing poor quality products. Multivariate monitoring is based on models that represent the relationship between parameters, while traditional process monitoring is based on univariate rules that do not have the ability to detect correlation patterns and result in erroneous conclusions.


SIMCA®-online is software for multivariate monitoring of statistical processes in real time and control of previously established Design Spaces based on current process parameters and (spectro) analytical data. The software enables early detection of process deviations and provides user instructions for identifying potential causes by displaying easy-to-understand graphics. In addition to resulting in improved health, safety and environmental performance, it also increases control and assurance of the entire process and product quality.


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