SIMCA® | Multivariate Data Analysis - Sartorius Croatia
SIMCA® | Multivariate Data Analysis - Sartorius Croatia
SIMCA® | Multivariate Data Analysis - Sartorius Croatia
SIMCA® | Multivariate Data Analysis - Sartorius Croatia

SIMCA® | Multivariate Data Analysis

An advanced data analytics solution that transmits data into visually intelligible information. SIMCA® helps you easily visualize trends and clusters, using an intuitive graphical interface. With SIMCA® software, you can analyze process variations, identify critical parameters and predict the quality of the final product. In a few clicks you get an overview of the state of the process. With the comprehensive set of tools included in the SIMCA® software, we make it easy for you to interpret the results of multivariate models.
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This solution is a data research tool. It is extremely powerful and turns data into valuable information that can be used for true data-based decisions. The multivariate modeling used in SIMCA® identifies hidden trends and patterns that are not visible by univariate analytical data that allows you to see what others do not. The graphical interface is central to any data analysis, and SIMCA® is equipped with interactive graphical displays that allow customization and direct detailed analysis, providing interpretation of data samples.

Interpretive skills also provide transparent prediction models that not only provide good predictions, but also provide the possibility of interpretation. Direct and easy access to visualization and interpretation of data patterns in SIMCA® makes it a fantastic tool for capturing process problems and analyzing deviations. SIMCA® is a fantastic tool for process troubleshooting and deviation analysis. No matter where your data comes from, SIMCA® will help you get more value without having to learn to program in Matlab, R or Python.


  • characterization and verification of raw materials and reduction of variability in upstream and downstream processes
  • assessment of expansion and comparability
  • historical data analysis to discover the possibilities of improved performance processes and more consistent product quality of cell culture processes

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