Octet® devices for the analysis of proteins and biomolecules

Octet® systems for protein analysis represent the industry standard for screening and characterizing biomolecular interactions. The devices are used during the development of biological medicines from early selection and validation to production. Our instruments use industry-leading technologies - Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). Both device types are suitable for bioanalysis within the framework of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Octet® BLI devices

for biolayer interferometry (BLI)

Octet®️ systems provide greater value than traditional techniques with limited throughput and performance. Bio-layer interferometry is an optical technique that analyzes the interference pattern of white light reflected from two surfaces: a layer of immobilized protein on top of the biosensor and an internal reference layer. Any change in the number of molecules causes a shift in the interference pattern, which is recorded in real-time. Octet®️ BLI devices

Octet® SF3 SPR

for surface plasmon resonance (SPR)

With exceptional sensitivity for small and large molecules, low baseline noise and drift, large injection volumes and new OneStep® and NeXtStep™ gradient injection technologies, the new Octet® SF3 enables users to generate high-quality kinetic and affinity data in a fraction of the time compared to standard kinetics multiple cycles (MCK). Octet®️ SPR devices

Characteristics of the Octet® platform

Label-free assays measure molecular binding through protein interactions in real-time. It is a precise and efficient way to collect a wide range of information related to affinity, kinetics, concentration, thermodynamics, biosimilarity, specificity, strength and selectivity of molecular binding.

Octet® is a powerful platform designed to understand structure-function relationships between molecules and can be applied at different stages during the drug development process.

Liquid-free Octet® BLI assays are ideal for measurements in coarse and complex matrices, e.g. for titer and concentration analysis, as well as critical quality attribute (CQA) verification early in cell line development and bioprocess development.

On the other hand, working with demanding analytes such as small fragments in FBDD, low-affinity molecules or high-affinity binders requires greater sensitivity that only Octet® SPR technology can offer. The patented OneStepTM gradient injection generates a unique curvature for precise detection of full binding kinetics (kon, koff i KD) from a single concentration.

Label-free Octet® BLI and Octet® SPR are used from screening (in the very early stages of drug discovery) to identifying and engineering potential binding candidates, supporting clinical assessment and finally during quality control (QC) of GMP manufacturing.

Over the past two decades, these systems have been upgraded to show significant improvements in sensitivity and software capabilities, leading to more efficient workflows and more unlocked apps.