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iQue® 3 Flow Cytometry Device

iQue® 3 is an advanced flow cytometry device, which combines a patented sampling method with the fastest sample collection in the industry. The device enables the handling of plates with 96 and 384 wells and the filling of plates by connecting to any automation system.
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Whether you are discovering a new therapeutic antibody, developing a specific checkpoint inhibitor or evaluating CAR T cell function, driving your research forward hinges on the ability to rapidly evaluate more samples in a biologically relevant, reproducible, and costeffective way.

iQue® 3 Features


Relieve capacity bottlenecks with the fastest plate sampling, integrated analysis, multiplexed no-wash assays, and novel data reduction tools.


Conserve precious samples and reagents by sampling as little as a single microliter from miniaturized assay volumes.


Perform high content, multiplexed analysis of cells, beads and secreted proteins in suspension.


Enjoy a simple, scalable, multi-user environment with walkaway automation, comprehensive analysis and visualization tools, and other features not found in traditional solutions.


Dramatically reduce time to decision with novel visualizations that facilitate the fastest path to actionable results, even from complex data sets.

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Brochure: iQue® 3 - Faster, Smarter Flow Cytometry

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