CellCelector devices for screening and isolation of cells

CellCelector is a fully automated cell imaging and selection system, developed for screening, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single-cell clones and adherent colonies. Based on high scanning and collection speed resulting in fast cell retrieval, CellCelector is compatible with single-cell RNA analysis applications and suitable for live cell isolation. In combination with Nanowell technology, CellCelector is the perfect system for high-throughput single-cell cloning or single B-cell secretion assays for antibody detection, as well as isolation of rare cells (eg CTC) for subsequent analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the CellCelector can isolate both living and fixed cells.

In order to recover cells from a dried surface it should be first pre-wet in PBS (e.g. 24 hours in advance) as cells are recovered using controlled liquid aspiration.

There is no intrinsic dead volume and corresponding cell loss during cell recovery.

The CellCelector can be placed in a biosafety cabinet (yours or a customized one, provided by Sartorius) or in our Incubator FlowBox. The latter does not only provide a sterile environment but also temperature, CO2 and humidity regulation and thus supports the cultivation of sensitive cells.

No. The CellCelector is equipped with a powerful robot arm that can potentially harm users. To protect them, the CellCelector must be installed within housing with a safety lock. At the moment the housing is open, the safety lock cuts immediately the motor's power. All housings offered for the CellCelector are equipped with such a safety lock. For applications which don’t need sterility we offer the CellCelector PCR Hood.