Incucyte® reagents and consumables

Explore Incucyte® reagent kits and consumables for apoptosis, cytotoxicity, immune cell killing, neurite analysis, proliferation and tumor spheroids. Generate biologically relevant information and measure cell health, movement and function with optimized off-the-shelf solutions that allow you to link phenotype and function to pathological processes.

Main characteristics

Generate meaningful data about your cells

Preserve cell health by using sensitive, non-disruptive reagents to monitor true biological responses without artifacts - sterile or preservative-free concentrated formulations suitable for long-term studies in living cells.

Multiply your experiments

Generate meaningful data within a single well using combinations of fluorescent reagents in adherent or non-adherent cell cultures.

Increase your productivity

Explore a range of cell models (mono-, co- or tri-cultures in 2D or 3D) using lab-tested, validated protocols to answer relevant scientific questions faster.

Visualize biological changes

Continuously monitor and analyze cell migration and invasion using dedicated consumables and automated software – all from your incubator.

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