Dijagnostičke membrane i matrice

Membrane za lateralne testove protoka

UniSart® nitrocellulose membranes have been designed to be the ideal solid phase for Lateral Flow, able to bind high amount of capture reagent and yield a controlled and fast wicking of samples. Developed in the mid–80 for pregnancy testing, more than a billion Lateral Flow Immunoassays are today produced per year.

Immuno trakice

Line or dot immuno strips are still widely used in IVD tests. Many infectious diseases generate indeed a complex immune response and necessitate checking the patient serum for the presence of several antibodies.

OEM membrane

Large portfolio of OEM membranes. Choose from microporous membranes and ultrafilters tailored to fulfill your needs. The OEM membranes are crafted on your personal request for applications such as air venting and air filtration, fluid filtration and particle retention as well as fluid sterilising or purification and concentration.

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