Palletank kontejner za dostavu

The Palletank® for shipping is specifically developed for secure and convenient shipment of sterile bulk pharmaceutical fluids such as media, buffers, drug substances or product intermediates. It is available in volumes of 100 l and 200 l. The system is composed of two basic elements, the Palletank® container and the associated shipping kit.

Palletank kontejner za procese rukovanja tekućinama

The Palletank® for in-process fluid handling is suited for applications such as feed and harvest of bioreactors, storage and distribution of media and buffers, the solution distribution in Flexel® 3D bag manifolds or waste collection.

Palletank kontejner za skladištenje

The Palletank® for storage can be used for bulk harvest, sample collection, final product transport, fraction collection etc. It is a stainless steel container designed for the safe and robust storage of biopharmaceutical fluids contained in Flexel® 3D Bags.

Ladica i stalak

The Tray and Rack System is suitable for applications such as bulk harvest, fraction collection, media and buffer storage or sample collection. It is designed to facilitate handling of both individual and manifold Flexboy® and Flexel® Single-Use Bioprocessing Bags within biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

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