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Celsius®-Pak provides uniform and reproducible freeze and thaw processes for biopharmaceuticals in manufacturing and process development. They are available in a range of volumes from 30 ml to 16.6 l. Celsius®-Paks are specifically designed for controlled freezing, thawing and long term frozen storage of biopharmaceuticals...

Celsius® FFT

Celsius® FFT is a ready-to-use container, composed of a bag and a protective shell, designed for freezing and thawing biopharmaceutical solutions in commercially available equipment such as laboratory freezer, walk-in freezer, cold room or temperature controlled cabinet. It is available in 2, 4 , 6 and 12 l.

Celsius® S3

Celsius® S3 is a tool to execute freeze-thaw process development and stability studies using a minimal amount of product. The Celsius® S3 freeze and thaw system is composed of a temperature controlled unit (CryoPilot A), a module for bag insertion (S3 Module), a mixing plattform for the thawing steps (CryoMixer Jr)...

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