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Biosart® 100 Monitors

Biosart® 100 Monitors units are specially designed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in medicines, cosmetics, food, beer, water and other liquids. Sterile packed funnels with filter, ready-to-use.
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The main area of ​​application for the Biosart® 100 Funnel Monitor is the microbiological analysis of a relatively large number of samples with a small number of microbes, with membrane filtration being an essential step. Biosart® 100 Monitor funnels are also suitable for testing smaller quantities, placing the sample in a few ml of sterile NaCl saline. The Biosart® 100 Funnel Monitor line is specially designed for microbiological testing of medicines, food, beverages, water and other liquids. These sterile, disposable funnels with built-in membrane filter and cellulose backing are ready to use.

Substrate wetting media are available in individually sterilized, plastic ampoules. The hoppers are available in a variety of variants: with cellulose nitrate membranes, a material that ensures effective high-flow retention, and optimal colony growth. Three different filter colors, green, white, and gray (after wetting black), provide the best contrast to the colonies. Funnels with a regenerated cellulose membrane, a material that combines high flow rate and high chemical stability, are ideal for biological load testing in the veterinary sector, where many products are solvent-based.


  • high flow rate
  • high total throughput
  • available variants: sterile single or sterile packaging
  • certified membrane filters: in accordance with ISO 7704
  • available in a variety of colors
  • without hydrophobic sticky areas
  • validated
  • ready to connect and easy to use

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Biosart® 100 Monitor units are specially designed for microbiological testing of drugs, food, beverages, water and other liquids.

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